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We bring complementing strengths to the table. We come from different back grounds but we have a lot in common. We are passionate about real estate. We are honest, sincere and transparent. We like working with each other. We execute successful real estate investments and create value for you.

Vinney Chopra

Author- Apartment Syndication made easy

I have known Raj for two years. I'm very excited about his integrity, knowledge ad experience. He is putting together some fabulous projects on the horizon. He puts in time to learn the business. He is very successful in his real estate career already and now is going to bring in his investors.

Justin Elliott

Elliott Multifamily

Having had the opportunity to work with Raj on deal acquisition and asset management, I can say that he is a bona fide investor that creates stellar returns on his multifamily properties.

Mark Fereira

Lionshare Investments.

Raj has demonstrated a track record of success as a Multifamily Investor and Businessman. Over the past 2 years of knowing him, I’ve observed his Drive, Intelligence, Authenticity, and a deep concern for Investors and Partners that are above his own.